My first double WOD

Today I worked out at the 11:45 class at CFS. I have to say it was intense but kind of fun, I have to say
Bench press
Establish 1RM

15-min As Many REPs as Possible
— 5 forward rolls
— 10/side med ball Russian twists (20/14)
— 15 KB swings (52/35)
At minutes 4, 9, and 14, complete maximum number of 6-count burpees

At minutes 4, 9, and 14, immediately stop what you are doing and complete 6-count burpees. At minutes 5 and 10 begin foward rolls, Russian twists, or KB swings where you left off the last round.

Score is total number of reps, including burpees; thus, each round is 25 reps.

I was really excited to get an opportunity to try to establish a new 1rep max for Bench press. My previous one was 125lb. Not too shabby… For back then, that is. I tried and aimed for 150lb. I know that a 25lb increase of a pr for bench is relatively uncanny, but I really wanted to try and push myself. After warming up properly, I attempted 135lb…. Easy, it felt good and I knew I had some more left in me. Well foolish me decides to add 10lb plates to both ends of the barbell. When I attempted the 155lb pr, it didn’t happen. Making that big of a jump whilst a pr, is just simply a rookie mistake. ‘Sigh'(smh) I should have known better. I was ok with it though because I successfully benched 145lb after. I felt satisfied with it and called it a day.
Having forward rolls in the workout always add an extra challenge. Even though 5 does not sound like a lot, it is just enough to make you quite dizzy and stumble while you make your way to the floor for the Russian twists. I did the twists which the 20lb med ball. I did the first round unbroken but as I progressed I had to break them up. The real problem came in when I did my KB swings. Unfortunately, I was last to get my kettlebell and was stuck with the prescribed weight, 52lb. I was not really planning on doing these Rx but I had no choice and for reason, I wanted to do the 52lb-er. Well, it defiantly wasn’t easy, but I finished and did it Rx.
I have recently realized that I need to work on my skills outside of the gym. So I decided to do some additional workouts to accompany my daily WODs at the gym. Today, I dedicated it to handstand walking .
I completed a classic 21-15-9 of hand release push-ups and pistols. With 5 attempts of handstand walking between sets. I liked this one and honestly love pistols. Hope this programming helps.

I’ve had the idea of competing for CrossFit in my head for a while now and have been contemplating whether I want to compete in the ‘Throwdown in the Triangle’ at CrossFit Briar Creek on Sept. 7-8. I have finally decided that I will wait to compete and since I was not able to judge at this competition, I decided to volunteer at the least. I love these types of things and want to get more and more involved in them. I judged at the SuperFit games in July at CF invoke and loved every minute of it. Also, not to mention that Christmas Abbott will be the the Throwdown. Maybe this time I’ll get that autograph.:)

My much anticipated Forged Clothing Shorts are expecting to come in tomorow!😁 So exited! In other news, I’ve discovered the Oakley Oil Rig sunglasses and have been eyeballing a pair like crazy. Not sure how this will pan out😑.
But, c’mon! You can’t me these are not amazingly awesome, I mean, my first pair doesn’t even compare to these. I’m in love, excuse me Christmas.