I may have a problem….

I openly admit that I do in fact love to buy things. I’m finding myself on Rogue Fitness’s website or Life AsRx’s. I am always thinking about the next thing to buy and what could be next. Even though I do keep buying things ( mostly clothes), I do savor and cherish these things. That being said, I recently put in an order for Rogue and Life AsRx. (Not helping right?)  The order came in today and I love the new gear! I knew I had to get some more Rogue shirts because I had originally owned just the “Rich Froning” Shirt and I loved the way it fit and felt, so I just needed more. That prompted me to get the shirts of some of my other favorite CrossFitters. The “Dan Baily” shirt and The “Ben Smith “shirt are really cool. I also threw in the “American Made” Shirt, after seeing it in the Games. Since I was already making these purchases, I figured I’d might as well throw in the rogue socks and Rich’s book. I am really excited and looking forward to reading that book! If that wasn’t enough stuff, I placed an order for Life AsRx. Man, I love their gear, it’s so creative and is great quality as well. If anybody watched Fitness Lonnie on Youtube, then you’d know why I bought the “Wodscala” shirt. Fitness Lonnie wore it and it is just an awesome and puny shirt. As I was glancing throughout the site for the 10th time that day, I decided to get the Limited edition “Wodfather” shirt. No, I never saw The GodFather, but guys, it was Limited edition….. and gold. enough said. I decided to close out the buy with a pair of socks and their new wrist wraps. I actually never had wrist wraps and am excited to try them out in some serious style! I also bought a pair of  Forged Clothing’s WOD shorts. Yeah, I don’t really know where that came from but it’s cool.

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I know you guys probably think “jeez, that is a lot of junk you bought, Tom”. And my response is ‘Well, I love all of that stuff and I hope you all see the love in it and the value”.

Is it bad that I am on the Lululemon site right now? Yeah, this ain’t good. 😛

Anyway, besides anticipating the arrival of packages, I did indeed workout today. I worked out at 8:30am and at 12:30 there was a Ring workshop at CFS, which I’ll explain later.

EMOTM for 10 minutes
1 clean, 1 power clean, 1 hang power clean @ 50% of clean 1RM

Skill                                                                                                                                         Max time strict plank hold with elevated feet

3 Rounds for Time
— Run 400m
— 15 chin-ups
— 15 Sumo dead-lift high pulls (95/63)

Through out the course of this WOD, I discovered a few things. Durung the first portion with the cleans, I realized that I like cleans. Like really like Cleans. I did the prescribed weight and even added a bit more. It felt absolutely fine all throughout the 10 minutes. I did 75lb and kept good form all throughout. This defiantly was the best part of the workout. The fact that it was the first part may play a small part in why it was enjoyable, however.                   I did my plank hold on a 20lb Medicine ball, to challenge myself with it’s instability. Well, during this part of the WOD, I discovered I really,really need to work on my plank and core.   Sure i was on a Medicine Balland that made it harder, but I only held plank for 56 seconds… I was first to drop in the class ( which I never go by but for this I was rather upset with myself). ‘Sigh’ I know what i’ll be working on starting tomorrow.                           I  was pleased to see only three rounds in the MetCon ( yay! maybe Coach Paul let up a bit!).  Not exactly, the MetCon was not easy , but defiantly wasn’t he hardest. Although, I did rest the previous day, which added a loop but I kind of liked it. However, after the first round and when I got back from the second run, I discovered something. Too much chalk is bad! Since by that time I was sweating up a waterfall, I chalked like crazy for the chin-ups. Well, let just say it backfired a bit and became a long sliding greased bar. At one point, grip was so difficult to keep, that I totally slid off the rig and fell on my back. I’ll admit it was kind of funny, but not at the time. I was frustrated and just wanted to get through it. I finished with a time of 16:26, nothing special, just another day’s WOD.

After that I came home and got ready for the Ring workshop that Coach Paul held for free at CrossFit Surmount. It was neat and only about 7 of us showed up, which made for a smooth run. I was really excited about this, He showed ring: pushup, pull-ups, muscle up, inversions, L-sits, dips, skin the cat, and Levers. It was really net to get to try each and every one of those things. I found Skin the Cat the coolest but was pretty challenging. Perhaps the most fun, was my Muscle up progression. I was able to practice scaling and did jumping Muscle Ups. I decreased the height gradually but found my stopping point. Every CrossFitter knows that Doing a Muscle Up means you really have some skill and I can’t wait until I get mine!


Legs, Legs, and more Legs.

As you could most likely tell from the title; today’s workout was a killer. A leg killer that is. It read:

Bench press
25 unbroken reps @ 50% of 1RM (65lb)
15 reps @ 55% (70lb)
10 reps @ 60% (75lb)

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 squat cleans (65% of 1RM)
200m run between sets

Now obviously the bench press was not legs , but that was a gift compared to the workout. The benching went well and I am really looking toward to establishing a new 1 rep max soon!
For the cleans, I went with the prescribed weight for me, which was 70lb. The weight actually was spot on. Not too light, and not overkill. I honestly found the cleans as an easier task then the run 200m between every set. At first, before the wod, I was thinking ‘ really how can it be that bad?’ Shortly after the 9 set of cleans and during that run, is when I realized ‘Oh Shnitz’!!! ‘ this is killer’!!! ( I don’t know why I say ‘shnitz’, I don’t really curse at all, so it’s a fun alternative.
Powering through the rest of the cleans and running ,I felt terrible but really proud. I had was on my 200m after my 2 cleans and that’s where it really really hit me. I was panting and wheezing like crazy. And really was feeling awful. I managed to make it back from the run a bit over the 22 min time cap, but thankfully was allowed to finish my 1 clean and run. After completing the wod, I really felt different then any other wod I had completed previously. This was defiantly one of the hardest , I’ve yet to complete, and the fact that I never questioned whether I should keep going and finish, really made me feel accomplished. Also because I did the rx weight which felt good. My Coach and I really were on a good page and I appreciated that a lot. He never let up me at all! Kept pushing me through and never let me stop. He even ran the last 200m with me to finish it out. I hope to be on this permanently. It really makes it special.

Since I worked out at 5:15 today, I had a whole day before. I spent the day at my school training in the mentor program that I was accepted into. The mentors’ goal is to guide and help rising freshman in the school year, during the Freshman Orientation and with all of their problems with High School. I really do look forward to this because I want to help others start in a right direction and make the best of their 4 years in high school. Also, this year my sister will be a rising Freshman, so I would like to help her and make sure any mistakes I made during my first years , aren’t made during hers.

I hear Benchmark WOD Diane is tomorrow. I’m pretty excited! Better get extra sleep for this one!