O my God it’s been long!

I can’t even remember the last time I made an entry , but it’s been on my mind and I want to get back into it. Better later than never, right?
School started and it’s my hardest year ever. The classes I’m taking require so much attention and work that they leave minimal time for hardly anything. .. Even CrossFit. It’s so hard to fit WODs in to the week but weekends I can usually fit two in. Which may somehow be enough to keep me sane , for now.
Since I’m just going to play catch up on this post , I’ll be skipping around a bit, most likely.
I’ve been quite lackluster about paleo lately , so I started the Whole 3 0 days today. Day 1 went great!
In school, I’m still not sure whether to do wrestling or indoor percussion for the winter… But golf is defitantly happening in the spring!
So much to do!


My blog and what to expect

My goal for this blog is to express myself and my life’s happenings. I’ll be posting (hopefully) daily, talking about my day and the WODs I do.This is a heavy CrossFit based Blog paired with other things. Also, I want to share my life with you guys, the readers. I will be sharing some inspirational quotes, music and some paleo food and guides. I just want to have a fun, information and inspiration filled blog with readers who enjoy me for what  write. I hope to read about you in the future.

I invite you to find out more about me on my “About Me” page.