About Me


My name is Tom. I am an obsessive CrossFit fan and athlete. Music, food, and family also play a large part in my life.

CrossFit was first introduced to me in December of 2012, by my cousin,Nick. He had been doing it for a good while before that time and urged me to try. Along with CrossFit, he urged starting the Paleo Diet. My whole family started Paleo in January of 2013. At first it was hard, challenging and seemed like a burden to pursue. But after a month or two, I could not see myself any other way. I was hooked. I started CrossFit in late February of 2013. It was something I enjoyed,but not at the level I do now. Now, I can’t see myself doing anything else. I enjoy eating Paleo and (sometimes foolishly) look forward to WODs everyday.

My obsession has led me to do anything CrossFit. I enjoy it all! I have earned my CrossFit Training Online Judges Course Completion certificate, and am very proud. I recently had the opportunity to Judge at the SuperFit Games at Crossfit Invoke on July 13th 2013. This being my first CrossFit event, I was unsure and nonetheless scared, as for I was to Judge competitors! That one event was the single most fun I have had yet. It inspired me to do more and I will continue to pursue my passion, whether it be volunteer,Judge, or Compete.

More Personal… Some people describe me as witty, smart and passionate. Just to name a few, but I’d have to agree. I do love to cook and am always watching something about it. Being a Paleo Chef is quite amazing I have to say! I am also a sneaker Junkie and am always looking at a mew pair.My home box is CrossFit Surmount. I have been there since the beginning of its opening and loved it ever since. Especially Luke!, the Mascot. Sure Coach Paul is good too. I’m kidding he is an inconceivably great coach and leader. Much respect always to him. I too love to travel , and when doing so, to other boxes. It is always fun exploring other gyms to see their style and outlook on things. Also just to get to know them. I also have a HUGE crush on Christmas Abbott. Wow, she has my favorite Crossfitter out there and best looking. I was fortunate enough to meet her twice. Much inspiration is drawn from her. My other inspiration is made from my cousin Nick and Fitness Lonnie.

Goals and Dreams In the Near Future…

  • Earn CrossFit level 1 Certification ( turn 17 in May 2014)
  • Start up as an intern in my home box or any other gym.
  • Start a club at my school with CrossFit and Nutrition as the center of attention. To help others get healthy and find this drug, like I have.
  • Judge at more local competitions
  • Start to compete in local competitions.

In the Future…

  • Open up my own CrossFit gym
  • Become a sponsored athlete
  • Compete with or without my team at the Reebok Crossfit games . Shooting for 2015 Games
  • Continue to help others in some way to live healthy and happy lives.
  • Beat Christmas Abbott in a WOD and then get her autograph.
Just a Picture of me.

Just a Picture of me.


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