Clean PR

It’s been a while since the last post…
I’m so excited for my new Reebok Lifter Plus oly shoes to come in! Today’s workout was:
Establish 1RM

Every 2 minutes (on the minute) for 20 minutes
— 3 muscle ups or 3 dips
— 6 full squat cleans (55-65% of 1RM)
— 7 slam ball burpees (30/20)

I had been anxiously waiting for 1rm clean day, and here it was. I knew I would go up at least 10lb from 115. I shot for 135lb and shattered that by hitting 155lb! I was truly joyful. That weight had been one of the best all day.
Later in the MetCon , I used 80 lb for the cleans and 25lb slam ball for the slam ball burpees.
When ring dips came into the talk , I knew I was working on my muscle ups and wanted to see if I could do 3 muscle up progressions instead of dips. Coach Paul allowed me at first but then made me switch to dips. Probably a good thing. I did 8 rounds and was happy for the fact of the weights I used.

I absolutely love my forged shorts and they may be my favorite pair. 😬
Also! Something I’m super excited about is that my family picked up an Olympic barbell, weights , mats and a collars. I can’t wait to start my own Wendler strength series to improve!




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