Ooo , a lot of handstands

Today I had a full day of 8-8 band rehearsal,( like the rest of the week :/ ), so I decided to get my wod in at 6 am.

I do like 6am workouts, somehow; I looked forward to This one though:

L-sits Handstand walking Spend up to 15 minutes working on both L-sits and handstand walking.
19-min total
4 Tabatas; rest 1 minute between 4-minute rounds
Tabata A: handstand or headstand hold
Tabata B: DB burpees
Tabata C: L-sits
Tabata D: twisting burpees

Scoring = total number of reps.

For the past couple of weeks I have been practicing handstand walking for distance. And today I could finally show off a bit ,something I was really proud of. After the skill , the Tabata came and went. I am happy to say I completed all 8 sets of the handstand holds unbroken.:) I really enjoy doing it and working on them in particular. The rest of the wod went well( better than yesterday, that’s for sure). I finished with a a score of 289. Pretty happy.

Me practicing walking

Me practicing walking

After the wod, it was a mad dash to get to rehearsal. I made it, don’t worry. But during the dinner break at home, I came across a package. It was some Steves Original Paleo goods. My god, thank The Lord. This stuff is so good it isn’t even funny. There was some paleo krunch, bars and sauces. I’m really exciting to try the ketchup because I loved ketchup pre-paleo. I know it won’t disappoint!
Well it is pretty late, gotta get proper rest, especially if I am doing the same day again tomorrow!

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It’s Good to be Back at my Second Home

Today was the infamous ‘Return WOD’. I don’t know if this is a thing , but today was my first WOD since Sunday the 21st of July. Being it over a week since I had worked out, it’s safe to say, I got killed today. They say that it takes so long to get it, then so little to lose it. And that is so true.
The WOD at CFS for Monday, the 29th was:
Bench press
30 unbroken reps @ 45% of 1RM
20 unbroken reps @ 50%
10 unbroken reps @ 55%

5-10-15-10-5 OHS (65% of 1RM)
10/leg DB or KB reverse lunges

I didn’t particularly care for this workout, but thought it would be a good one to break back into. The bench press went well, struggled a bit more than normal, but drive through it well. Then, the AFAP… Going into this, I thought it was going to be simple and actually kind of easy. … It wasn’t. I found myself looking toward to the OHS only because they were fun to perform. The reverse lunges were hell. I really really dreaded them. I ended up finished dead last with a time of 17:42. Absolutely terrible, enough so that I didn’t even get to partake in the weighted plank hold surprise at the end , since I was still finishing . Ugh, I tried not to beat myself up too much on this, because I was still coming back and needed to adjust back, so tomorrow morning’s 6 am WOD better watch out!

Some good news is that Crossfit Surmount had just got some Progenex! I was really trying to get some and try it out, just to what the hype was about. I didn’t buy any yet, but I am really trying it. Unfortunately, it rather frowned upon by my parents, so I will need to get it for myself. Hey,more for me! Right?

Anyway, I have been testing my new rx jump rope at home, and am really liking it. It seems to work well and the thickness is definately key(I have elite).

Also, I thought in every Monday’s post,I would include a link of a song I either like or just discovered. Just so you guys can get to know me a bit better.
This week I chose ‘Cinema’ by Benny Benassi
I don’t typically listen to this type of music, but I really enjoy this song.



Today I tackled the benchmark WOD Jackie. It was um, well, an experience. Anything with thrusters lead me to straight up sadness. I hate thrusters. However, I do enjoy rowing and pull-ups , plus thrusters were only a mere 45 pounds. Or so I though.
Bottom line– thrusters always suck!
On a lighter and happier note, I achieved a new overhead squat pr of a 135lb! A 10lb increase. That stoked me for the upcoming Jackie I was to face later on that hour. With only 4 rowers at CFS, we had to to this in waves. I was in the second wave and knew a 1000m row is pretty far and I should be able to be ok in it. Well, to my surprise , I was! I managed to finish first off the rower and felt decently OK. Feeling satisfied, I walk over to the barbell….” Yeah , this isn’t gonna happen” ran through my head. I chalk up just for an extra second of rest and then I tackle the 50 thrusters in full throttle. I knocked out 15 in one onslaught, but then the effects came at me full fledged. I couldn’t do anything for about 1 minute. After gaining enough strength to carry on sets of 5 , I make it to the pull up rig. These 30 pull-up went… as expected. I did ok, small sets of continuous reps and I would finish soon. I managed a time of 14:49. For the first time doing, I was ok with that; but I know what I need to work on. Thrusters
Walking out feeling like a Mach truck ran me over , I was excited to carry on with the rest of this fine Friday evening.
Promptly, the family heads to Red Robin. Being a relatively Paleo friendly restaurant (at least for what we can find around here) it seemed to be the clear choice. I order up the usual, I like to call it “the Tom Special” . With the requests, I order a guacamole, bacon burger with a chicken Breast, wrapped in lettuce, with sweet potato fries. Yup,mm hmm. I downed in it about two minutes, tops. Quite a satisfying meal, post Jackie.
To even further the adventure, my dad,brother and I go watch the most sci-fi, action packed blockbuster of the Summer, Pacific Rim. Talk about robots, alien creatures, and non-stop fighting and we have a winner. I really didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t have prior knowledge on the movie, but it was nothing short of what I heard. I was sold after the first 5 minutes. I can’t say I watch sci-fi’s more then the next guy, but this one was just purely fun and entertaining.
It is rather late from the theater, and writing this blog seems like a good idea , perhaps rest.


My blog and what to expect

My goal for this blog is to express myself and my life’s happenings. I’ll be posting (hopefully) daily, talking about my day and the WODs I do.This is a heavy CrossFit based Blog paired with other things. Also, I want to share my life with you guys, the readers. I will be sharing some inspirational quotes, music and some paleo food and guides. I just want to have a fun, information and inspiration filled blog with readers who enjoy me for what  write. I hope to read about you in the future.

I invite you to find out more about me on my “About Me” page.